At Cernunnos we know about the entire range of renewable energy systems – from the “tried and tested”, to the newest technologies to hit the market. We analyse every technology on an economic and environmental basis, so as to help you chose the best technology to save energy, and save money. We do not believe we are here to help you to “save the world” – we are here to help you save money, and secure a better financial future.

Our Philosophy

We promise no pushy sales tactics or pushy sales people either – we don’t employ sales people, only technicians. The person you speak to from the very beginning is the person who will manage your installation – from initial design to the final system registration process. All our employees are in-house employees who only work for Cernunnos

It is important to talk and really consult before we consider the technology. When we say a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation – we mean it. We want to help you find the right system for your needs…honest, impartial and truthful.  If we think we need a strong sales pitch to sell a product we won’t sell it. All our employees abide by the REAL Consumer Code, and the Cernunnos Code – both of which have a full complaints policy and procedure

Technical Distinction

We offer the full package of services, from designing your system, obtaining finance, project managing and installing to regular maintenance and servicing. To do this we have multi-skilled teams from engineers, electricians, plumbing teams to financiers, academics, and bid writers. Against this wealth of skill and experience we can ensure we can add value to your project where it counts the most and come up with the most innovative renewable energy solutions for whatever project.