Cernunnos has a strict policy, the Cernunnos Consumer Code, by which all Employees must abide, in addition to the REAL Consumer Code of conduct. If you believe that any of our employees have broken any parts of the Consumer Code below, then please feel free to contact our complaints department, in confidence, via

The Cernunnos Consumer Code:

The Employee must…

  • be polite and courteous to clients at all times
  • deal with client questions and queries politely and quickly
  • resolve client concerns and complaints as quickly as possible
  • be honest and truthful in all their dealings at work
  • pass all relevant information needed onto clients as quickly as possible
  • explain everything to clients in a language they understand
  • never try to deceive or pressurise a client
  • abide by the REAL Consumer Code at all times
  • only work within the rules of registration with the certifying body (MCS)

Thank you.

Cernunnos Homes also abides by the REAL Consumer Code. You can read your rights under the REAL Consumer code and view the complaints procedure by following the link.