Solar PV systems are a major investment on your home – itself one of the largest investments you will ever make. Cernunnos Homes, as a member of the Consumer Protection Association, wants you to rest assured that you can guarantee on us.

The CPA was established to fulfil two functions: to assist in the elimination of unscrupulous trades from the home improvement market and to protect the consumer by regulating and raising standards of operation.

Each and every CPA member is thoroughly checked and approved to ensure they meet the exacting standards of best practices within their chosen trade. Only then are they eligible to join the CPA membership scheme that requires them to display consistent craftsmanship and excellent customer service.

Cernunnos Homes also partakes in the Insurance Backed Guarantee & Deposit Insurance programmes:

Insurance Backed Guarantee:

When having Solar PV installed on your property, it is essential to make sure an insurance policy is in place and given to you, by way of business, as part of the overall sale to protect you from unforseeable circumstances.

This is the best form of protection. However, there are many companies that only ‘offer’ this service and do not give it, leaving many homeowners believing they are covered when they are not.

An Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) is valuable protection in the unlikely event of the Consumer Protection Association member ceasing to trade due to liquidation or bankruptcy. The guarantee given by the CPA installing company is valid the whole time they are trading and so any defects should be corrected by them.

If, due to the liquidation, receivership, administration or winding up of the business due to bankruptcy, state retirement or death of the principal(s), the company no longer exists, faults appearing after they cease to trade will be covered by the IBG. Depending on the work undertaken the IBG is available for a period up to 10 years and is backed by an authorised insurer.

Deposit Protection

Many trades require to take a deposit before starting a job, this is usual practice. Making sure your deposit is insured is essential, if it is not and the company fails you will lose your money.

The CPA deposit protection scheme is insurance for the deposit you pay to secure the work to be carried out on your home.

This insurance covers a deposit of up to 25% of the agreed price with the company or £7,500 which ever is the lesser.

The policy covers you for a period of up to 90 days from the date you pay your deposit. If you have paid a deposit to a company who then ceases to trade due to liquidation, receivership, administration or winding up the business due to bankruptcy, state retirement or death of the principal(s), your deposit is either refunded to you in full, or the work is completed by another company at the balance agreed price.

You can rest assured, with Cernunnos Homes we have your interests at heart