Whether your project is a retrofit, listed building or new build home we have a wealth of knowledge to support you in the design and installation of a renewable heating system that will suit your needs.

Early on we can discuss with you your requirements and we can explore a wide range of technologies and different suppliers. We will stress all the key considerations to avoid costly mistakes and get best value for money. We can for instance provide complete guidance to any planning applications that need to be made for listed building consent and historic buildings as we have a wealth of knowledge and experience. See our own listed building renewable retrofit

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If your house is a new build you can use our online package Cernunnos-homes Energy Planner to design your own renewable system for free.

After our initial consultation we can provide you with a full design package this includes :

  • Heat loss calculations.
  • Analysis of the products from different suppliers and their value for money. Heat Emitter design and radiator
  • Underfloor heating plans,
  • Heating control and integrated control system plans
  • and full working drawings

The design package is for a nominal payment and can be redeemed against installation.

For Professionals

For professionals in the industry we can guide your clients through the myriad of choices to reach the renewable energy solution. Our trade packages will help you work with existing clients, providing you with the step by step instructions, drawings, accreditation and access to the full subsidies available.

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