Our People

The company was founded by  Peter  McKeown.

Peter has renovated and developed properties over the last 20 years and built up an in-depth knowledge from a technical, economic and practical perspective as to what works.

Peter McKeown

Peter McKeown, his wife Leemya McKeown and Technical assistant Tom

In 2007 He initially set up Cernunnos Consulting, providing advice to corporations on green matters. In 2009, together with his wife built their first major set of Eco-homes and have never looked back.

Today, they have assembled a strong team of renewable energy experts that can provide customers with the services they need to lead more cost efficient lifestyles and take control back on the type and price of energy they use.

Darren Ingman chief heating engineer has been with Cernunnos from the beginning. A childhood friend to Peter and collaborator Darren is a complete expert in his field undertaking the most complex of renewable heating systems. His 20 yrs experience with Ground source, air source, exhaust heat pumps, gasification, district as well as domestic biomass systems are second to none.

Robert Plgar  (chief installation leader) has many years in the solar industry and has intricate knowledge of not only integrated solar and thermal systems but also of modern building methods. He has been joined over the years by Donna Best- head of finance and customer  services. Donna was personally headhunted due to her wealth of experience working within the public and third sectors ensuring quality standards and consistency of services.

Some of our cernunnos staff

Some of our cernunnos staff

For Cernunnos, the biggest motivator has been to see how its work has really made such a positive difference to people’s lives and allowed people and organisations the freedom of more financial security. Cernunnos worked with a variety of people, from property developers, farmers, schools, hospitals, councils, universities as well as of course hundreds of domestic homeowners.

Cernunnos’s main headquarters are in Cambridge in an  grade II listed barn. Open to the public with an award nominated showroom. Make contact, and discuss how Cernunnos can change the way you live for the better. You can -Call us on 01223 825567

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In the meantime enjoy exploring the site and some of the resources available. Check out Pete’s news and blog for some of the most up-to-date reviews and opinion of the best renewable technologies and services out there.