At Cernunnos Homes, we believe that the installation is just the beginning of our relationship with our clients. We update all our clients on a regular basis with the latest news from the renewable energy market, and the latest developments in the Feed in Tariff system.

Through the “Cernunnos Solar Community” we monitor our clients monthly generation readings and report back to them how they compare to others in their area. This FREE monitoring service helps our clients ensure they are getting the best out of their system and enables us to ensure all systems are performing efficiently.

We keep our clients contact details private, although should verbal or written references be required we can provide names and contact details of clients willing to speak to potential customers.


Mrs Eve Hinson

Stour Green, Ely.

12 panel Sanyo HIT 250 system (3 kWp)

“We were very pleased with the organization from the scaffolding through to the installation of our solar panels. The scaffolders took great care not to damage any garden plants and mark the patio.  The electricians were very helpful in that they fitted the isolator and meter in our existing meter cupboard so there were no unsightly cables to look at, they were very tidy even put items back in place they moved in the loft.  The solar panels were fitted within hours with no problems and even fixed two loose slates for us.”


Anthony Wieser

Green End, Fen Ditton

9 panel Mage Polycrystalline 235w system (2.1 kWp)

I had already done quite a bit of research on solar PV before contacting Peter at Cernunnos and was pleased how quickly they could come around to see the proposed site.  They arrived on time, measured up, and suggested a very cost effective solution for us.  We had a pair of quotations a couple of days later, and the quotes cost less than we had feared they might be.

We placed our order within the week.  The installation was actually pushed forward a day from the originally scheduled date, to try and get installed before the weather turned.  Several small hitches arose, but the installers worked very long hours, and completed on time.  The wiring is unobtrusive, and the system is fantastic, having generated 140 kWh already since it went live 3 weeks ago, with the panels performing to specification.

At the moment, we’re generating almost as much electricity as we use in a day with our 2.1kWp system, which is very satisfying.


Mr Robert McLachlan

Eaton Socon, St Neots

16 panel Mage Solar 250w mono-crystalline system (4 kWp)

Telephone number available on request

I felt I must write to you to express my gratitude to everyone at Cernunnos for all the help and advice my wife and I have received in the course of choosing and then fitting of the installation of PV solar panels on our roof. The initial response to my internet enquiry could not have been better with ample information being sent to me for consideration before a visit from one of your experts.

We were offered a choice of hardware and advice on which would be most suitable for our location and expectations of the system. After due consideration of your quote amongst several others we had no doubt that we should proceed with Cernunnos and a date for installation was agreed.

The work was carried out on schedule, any necessary dirt or dust from installing the wiring was cleared up and the finished job was notably neat and tidy with no wiring on show and the small meter placed in a suitably accessible site without it being obtrusive. A lovely and thoughtful job.

Then we were ably assisted with the process of applying to our energy supplier for the feed in tariff and any export allowance we might earn. Early indications from our meter point to a healthy income from our installation both in the near future and in the longer term. We are delighted to have found a way of making a worthwhile investment in financial terms whilst supporting the important objective of producing energy in a more effective and less environmentally damaging way.

I would like to close by saying that I will have no hesitation in recommending PV solar energy to any of my friends or acquaintances and I shall of course recommend that they should contact Cernunnos homes for first class, prompt and helpful advice followed by expert and cost effective installation.

Please pass our thanks and appreciation to all the team who have played a part in serving us so well.

Yours sincerely

Bob and Vera McLachlan


Graham Nicol


12 Panel Sanyo HIT 250w system (3 kWp)

A combination of ever rising energy prices and a government offering generous concession for anyone seeing to use renewable energy prompted me to look into this further. A subsequent meeting with a colleague transpired that he was in the process of installing solar pv on one of his properties and the company he was utilising was Cernunnos. He arranged a meeting with one of their partners who very quickly covered the key advantages/disadvantages and key considerations in a clear and lucid manner to a luddite like myself. Having found out that he left the industry that I am currently employed in to pursue this area of speciality reinforced my confidence in using his company. Thus a site visit was quickly arranged and a few discussions later the go-ahead was given. They arranged everything from the planning permission stage to completing, as much as possible, the documentation that requires to be sent to your electricity provider in order to be part of the FIT’s (Fixed Income Tariff) scheme. I was kept constantly in touch with developments and sent photos on construction and overall have been extremely impressed with their overall professionalism.

As this is a new industry in rapid growth phase there are a whole variety of companies joining every day and for someone not familiar with it can be a minefield to decide who to use. I can thoroughly recommend Cernunnos for peace of mind in that their attention to detail is second to none, they do not hard sell, operate a very informative web-site, are very communicative on all aspects of the work being undertaken and would thoroughly recommend them to any of my acquaintances.

Graham Nicol

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Mr Malcolm Diggins

Heacham, Norfolk 17 Panel Mage 235w system (3.995 kWp)

After a lot of research and individual quotes for solar pv panels we decided to go with Cernunnos.

From the very first appointment (please don’t worry if Andy is a bit late for the appointment!) we found Cernunnos to be very professional. At the initial meeting all our questions were answered. There was no high pressure sales talk and we were given all the information to enable a well informed decision. On giving our order we were given an installation date which was within three weeks. Because our next door neighbour who had also had quotes from different firms then decided to go with Cernunnos as well this date was put back a week so both installations could be completed at the same time, this was acceptable to us. Before the installation date all the scaffolding was put up for both ours and our neighbours properties. Paul and his crew of installers turned up early on the day of installation and in rather high winds they got on with the job and completed putting up the panels the next morning. While the panels were being fitted Tim the electrician and his assistant Martin completed all the electrical work. I wanted all the ancillary equipment in my garage and this they did as requested and the finished installation is neat and tidy. Throughout, communication was excellent with replies to emails always prompt. The team worked neatly and quietly and the disruption to our lives was minimal. So all in all we are more than pleased with Cernunnos and would highly recommend them as a first class firm, they took all the worry away from us, doing all the necessary paper work etc and all we had to do was pay for an excellent job well done.

Malcolm and Pat Diggins
Heacham Norfolk


Michael Drew

Heacham, Norfolk

16 Mage 250w system (4kWp)

Dear Andy.

Well the guys have been, the panels are all fitted and working and I look at the output several times a day. Hopefully that infatuation will soon pass and I can get back to doing proper things like clearing the garden!

have to say, I was most impressed with the fitters and electricians. They all got on with it from the start and despite rotten weather, they battled on. They were pleasant, there were no grumbles and were invariably polite. And they worked HARD.

I have already sung their praises to a neighbour and I believe one of your chaps went to see him. If anyone asks, I will praise you lot to the skies. I was impressed with your professional attitude when you first came to see me and I’m so glad I decided on your company for the installation.

Lovely company. lovely people. Thank you and them for a first class job. I hope I didn’t pester you too much!

Kind regards. Michael Drew.

PS. Thanks to all the rain, I don’t have to worry about watering the garden now! M.


Tracey Pastor

Waterdell Lane, Hitchin, Hertfordshire

16 Panel Sanyo 250w system (4kWp) with Enecsys Micro Inverters

When researching firms to fit our solar panels we asked three firms to visit us and provide information and a quotation. We chose Cernunnos as it was a local firm that offered a competitive price and wowed us with their friendly and informative manner. It was the right decision – the fitters were clean and swift and Cernunnos helped us to complete the necessary paperwork and understand the simple on-line technology. We are now reaping the benefit of our green energy and would recommend Cernunnos without hesitation.”

Alex and Tracey Pastor

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Mr & Mrs Wright


16 Panel Sanyo system (4kWp)

We are very pleased to say the solar panel installation has taken place in one day. Keith and I would like to say that we found your chaps very efficient, hard working, and knowledgeable and all round a pleasure to have with us. They were “dog and child friendly”!

Your service has proved thus far to be very professional and we will have no hesitation in recommending you. We had a potential customer come and have a look at the work in progress. We hope it was a fruitful visit.

Many thanks


Clive Lane

Bishops Stortford

14 Panel Mage system (3.29kWp

When we started to look into the possible installation of solar panels, we were concerned about the viability and financial justification. We had also been warned about various dubious practices. In the end Peter’s explanation reassured us that we should proceed, particularly as our daughter and son-in-law had spoken highly of your company after their installation.

We wish to record our complete satisfaction with the whole process; all the staff and contractors were friendly, helpful, efficient and tidy workers. The wiring and equipment installation was well thought out and caused the least disruption to existing fittings and decoration. This was particularly welcome given the turmoil in the industry caused by the closing date being brought forward, which must have put much pressure on all concerned. We are also very impressed with the after sales contact and continued service in monitoring the performance of our system.

I have no hesitation in recommending your company to others and have already passed on your details to one interested party.

Thank you for such a straightforward and open experience, which is all too rare these days.

Clive & Sheila Lane


Stuart Collings

10 Panel Sanyo 250w System (2.5kWp)


To any potential Cernunnos Homes Customer:
I was recommended to Cernunnos Holmes for my Solar PV Installation after a friend had her system installed. I was impressed with her system and I asked for a quote to beat the current price I had from a similar supplier.

Andy McKeown replied and was around quoting for our business within 24 hours, with a very friendly and relaxed attitude and happily with no “Hard Sell” and simply the facts and honest truth about the technology and what Cernunnos Homes could supply and I was also impressed with your local stature and building pedigree.

I placed my order and was surprised with the speed my installation was arranged and progressed as it was at the busy period before the feed in tariff cut off was threatened, my install was even brought forward!. The installation went extremely well and I was most impressed with the high quality of workmanship and the standard that my system was installed, with clear and concise documentation.

We had a slight issue with our inverter after install and this was when the company was already very busy with all stock and spares in short supply. My system was back up and running with a fully replaced Inverter within a week. This was also very impressive considering the rush on supply and demand at the time.

I am now happily generating my own electricity and hopefully when the weather improves and we get back to sunnier climate will be reaping the benefits of my Solar PV installation and investment for the future, along with doing my bit to feedback generated power to the national grid and cut down on my carbon emissions.

Thank you Cernunnos Homes, and in particular, Andy and Pete for excellent customer service. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you and I feel satisfied the support and backup of your company are on hand at any time.
Especially with the addition of your CSC community and feedback programme where on monthly reporting of system performance, can not only provide peace of mind that my system is performing as expected, but also should there be a drop in what is expected of the installed system, Cernunnos Homes have pledged to check the system for any faults, should this monitoring highlight an underperforming installation.
Stuart Collings


Guy Martin

Baldock, Hertfordshire

16 Panel Sanyo 250w System (Enecsys Micro Inverters)

I am very happy with installation although it would have been nice if there hadn’t been the delays for parts, else it would have been running 2 or so months earlier and I could have seen how well it could perform in good summer sunshine. Looking forward to next year’s summer sunshine.

The installation workmanship was good and the installers were very amenable.

I am happy with the system I chose and that Cernunnos were willing to supply my preferred panels and inverters. A feature I really like is the Enecsys panel monitor which really does provide everything you need to know about the systems performance.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the system behaves over the next year & years.

Guy Martin


Martyn Blunt


14 Upsolar 240w System (3.36kWp)

Whereas many companies insist on a face to face meeting before discussing quotes and installation, Cernunnos refreshingly provided extremely clear documentation and indicative prices, for me to digest before a meeting. The price was competitive, the installation was on time, and the installers were polite cleared up thoroughly after themselves. Throughout we sensed a genuine interest in ‘green’ solutions – rather than just another company jumping on the PV bandwaggon.


Michael Salter

St Ives

16 Sanyo 250w System (4kWp)

I was satisfied with the service and care that was afforded me by your Company.  In particular, I would like to mention the professionalism, skill and understanding shown by Craig in carrying out the practical design and manual work.  Without him in the equation, the project would not have been the success it was.  Andrew was, as ever, keeping the programme on the rails and I felt confident that should a major problem arise he would have gone the extra mile to ensure that I was satisfied.


Steve Tate

Braintree, Essex

16 Panel Sanyo 250w System (4kWp)

I first took an interest in solar panels when I was cold-called by a salesman. I liked the concept, but not what he was selling, so did my own research. I contacted Trusted Traders to seek alternative quotes from 4 or 5 local companies. By the time Cernunnos came, I already knew quite a bit. They sent a technical person not a salesman and I got what I needed to know in a fraction of the time without any pushy talk. Their quote was competitive so I visited their shop to actually view the product. They seemed happy to spend the time answering my questions and I decided that they were the company for me. I still needed to decide which panels to use and they were happy to advise on the pros and cons of each make, without pushing me down a particular direction.

Once I placed an order, they offered me a choice of dates and were able to come to install the panels within a couple of weeks. The whole process was complete within two days. Scaffolding was erected on day one and the panels installed & electrical work completed on day two. Everyone was extremely polite, made minimal mess and were at great pains to tidy up after themselves. I think that the way they installed the panels on my roof actually visually enhance it and the electrical wiring has been completed in as unobtrusive way as possible. Overall I was very satisfied with the work done by everyone who visited my property. The units of electricity generated so far suggest that my investment will pay for itself in 6 or 7 years and make a significant surplus beyond that. Thank you Cernunnos.


Steve Tate


Tony Edge


16 Panel Sanyo 250w System (4kWp)

I was put in contact with Cernunnos through a website who arranged for 3 companies to quote.  One never made contact.  The other arranged an appointment but cancelled the evening before as an announcement on the change to the FIT as due on the following Monday.  Cernunnos turned up as arranged and I was very pleased with their approach.  They answered all of my questions and did not apply any pressure.  They explained the types of PV Panel they used but were happy to quote with any other panel I wanted.  They provided quotes for 3 systems that evening.  As Ihad not received other quotes, I compared them to a friend’s and found them competitive on similar installations.  The reduction in FIT was announced the following week but Cernunnos cancelled holidays and increased staff to meet promised installations by the cut-off date. The scaffolding arrived within a couple of days and was carefully erected without damage to our new patio.  The PV Panel installation team arrived on the Monday and were very fast, efficient and considerate.   Without asking, they swept up before leaving including the scaffolding boards.  The electrical team arrived the following weekend.  Once again they were fast and efficient.  I was particularly impressed as they were very careful to make the cable runs unobtrusive.  In fact, they crawled into some very tight roof spaces to hide the cable even in the garage where I would not have noticed a cable along the ceiling.  They left the house clean and tidy.  My only observation was that the isolation switch could have been in the garage but it is not a major point.  The system has been commissioned for over a month and seems to be running well despite being the worse time of year.

I do not know how well the system will perform or if problems may arise.  However, Cernunnos have kept in contact with us since installation offering support and a free monitoring system to check performance.  My general feeling is that they are a very professional company who take pride in their work and will continue to support their customers.

Tony Edge

Mr Robert Dennis

Helpston , Peterborough

14 Panel Mage 190w System

I am writing to express my thanks for the service we have received from Cernunnos Homes in the installation of our Solar panels. Andy was very prompt in following up my initial telephone call and providing a quote within 24hrs of having surveyed our house in person. I found it very helpful to have the opportunity to ask questions and talk through his initial thoughts in person. The quote itself was excellent giving us a detailed breakdown of what the panels would produce and explaining the different options available. All our questions via e-mail have been answered within a few hours, if not minutes. The installation of the panels was minimally disruptive and all involved were friendly and approachable. Now are panels are up and running we are grateful for the reassurance offered through your Cernunnos Solar Community and that we can check our system is living up to expectation. All in all Cernunnos Homes have made this a straight forward process with the minimum of hassle for us. This no doubt at a very challenging time for you all. I would not hesitate to recommend you based on our experience.

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Mrs Sue Moss

Saffron Walden

16 Panel Sanyo 240w System

We obtained quotes from a number of Solar PV installers and felt that Cernunnos offered the best overall value for money without risking poor service. We were not disappointed. We were kept informed at all stages of the installation process and everything was done on time and to a high standard. Our initial impressions are that after-sales service is also going to be good and that Cernunnos are looking to maintain a long-term relationship with all their customers.

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