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Design Services

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Whether your project is a retrofit, listed building or new build home we have a wealth of knowledge to support you in the design and installation of a renewable heating system that will suit your needs.

Early on we can discuss with you your requirements and we can explore a wide range of technologies and different suppliers. We will stress all the key considerations to avoid costly mistakes and get best value for money. We can for instance provide complete guidance to any planning applications that need to be made for listed building consent and historic buildings as we have a wealth of knowledge and experience. See our own listed building renewable retrofit

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If your house is a new build you can use our online package Cernunnos-homes Energy Planner to design your own renewable system for free.

After our initial consultation we can provide you with a full design package this includes :

  • Heat loss calculations.
  • Analysis of the products from different suppliers and their value for money. Heat Emitter design and radiator
  • Underfloor heating plans,
  • Heating control and integrated control system plans
  • and full working drawings

The design package is for a nominal payment and can be redeemed against installation.

For Professionals

For professionals in the industry we can guide your clients through the myriad of choices to reach the renewable energy solution. Our trade packages will help you work with existing clients, providing you with the step by step instructions, drawings, accreditation and access to the full subsidies available.

[vc_cta h2=”Find out how we can add value to your project”]Whether you are at the early design stage, are looking for installers or require work to be repaired call us on 01223 852267[/vc_cta]
Heating controls

Ground Source Heat Pump installers, Cambridge,Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire

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Ground Soure Heat Pump installation project details

We are now at the final stages of our latest project Stiebel Eltron ground souce heat pump. Here are the facts of the project

The property: A 170 square meter 4 bedroom detached 1970’s property situated in rural Barton, Cambridgeshire

The clients challenge Our client had old, ugly ecomony 7 electric storage heaters and wanted a highly efficent system that was fully integrated and automated.

Our solution We installed the Stiebel Eltron GSHP solution connecting to Underfloor heating throughout the first floor and ground floors. We also instlled the heat mizer neo stat heating controls combined with the stiebel eltron GS heat controller our client had full control of thier heating when they are at home or away using remote smart tablet system.

Cost SavingsIntially ou client was spending over £2,900 a year on storage heaters this has reduced to £1000 a cost saving of £1900 a year. We have also applied for the RHI which will yeild a further £4200 a year for the next 7 years.

WP_20150519_13_18_32_ProGround Source Heat Pump

Ground Source Heat Pump

Heating controls

Ground source heat pump trench

Ground Source Heat Pump, Barton Cambridgeshire

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Ground Source Heat Pump and Underfloor Heating Installation


Our client had returned to cambridgeshire buying his ‘forever’ home for him and his family. The property a seventies detached house sits on a large plot of land some 2,790 sq foot. Having to undertake a complete renovation and remodelling of the house, our client wanted to take the opportunity of minimising the costs and find an alternative oil system.

What we’ve done so far

Working with our client we decided to go for the Stibel eltron highly efficient 20 KW ground source heat pump.

Stage 1

Dig a dig dig…. trench digging for ready for putting in the coil

Ground source heat pump trench

Ground source heat pump trench

groundsource heat pump digger

groundsource heat pump digger

Coils system for the tench

Coils system for the tench


Log Gasification boiler Bishop strotford

Biomass log gasification boiler Bishops Stortford

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Biomass System: Angus Orligno 200 25kW Log Gasification Boiler Bishops Stortford


Our client is a tree surgeon by trade and had the intuitive idea of wanting a heating system that he could use the excess wood that he accumulates in his day job. Discussing options with our client wanted to replace the old oil system. The EPC estimated that the annual heating costs would be in excess of £25000 a year!

Log Gasification boiler Bishop strotford

Log Gasification boiler

The Solution

Cernunnos installed An EcoAngus Orlignio 25 kW log gasification boiler, with a 2000 litre Akva Thermal Store. This was installed in a barn, with 35 meter district heating pipe, which connected back to the main house where a 300 litre thermal store which was installed. This replaced the existing boiler – the second store was used to create a small local heat store to save a constant long run from the barn to the house.

Log Gasification boiler Bishop strotford

Log Gasification boiler Bishop strotford

The Outcome

A long term purchase, Biomass is eligible for the Government Renewable Heat Incentive. This has allowed our client to receive annual payments for the next 7 years. The payments were in the region of £4400 per year. Our Client made a total saving of up to £6900 per year. The payback on the system would be just over 2 years.
If you would like to understand more about the pricing and potential paybacks for installing Biomass and learn more about any of the systems in this case study give us a call on : 01223 852267 or drop us a line by filling out the contact form below.


Cernunnos: Solar Panel Installers Peterborough

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Our client had just moved into a new home in Peterbough. They had solar panels installed in their previous home and had enjoyed the benefits of being able to use solar power for all their electricity and have a significant reduction in their energy bills. They approached Cernunnos as their solar pv installers as we had been recommended to them by our one of our previous customers

Peterborough  Solar PV  Install

Peterborough Solar PV


Project details

Cernunnos undertook a full site survey and completed solar panel design layout using 14 LG 280 watt WP_20150227_14_52_11_Propanels . Utilising two roof aspects, south east and south west, 7 panels were installed on each roof aspect. A Solar Cache (Duo) was also installed by Cernunnos to enable for hot water heating directly from the solar electricity produced
As Cernunnos are MCS registered (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) we also applied for the FiT (Feed-In Tariff).
The total cost of the installation was £5899.54 (inclusive of VAT). The installation generates 3561 kWh of energy per year leading to a payback of 7.12 years!

Hargassner Biomass 35kW, St Neots

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Victorian rectory St Neots

Victorian rectory St Neots

Our client was finding it hard to manage their energy consumption. Living in a Victorian rectory in Buckden, St Neots (south Cambridgeshire) the property had beautiful period features of very large rooms with high ceilings. The property was also single glazed with only an old oil boiler to heat all of the space. With a young family and the ever increasing demand for energy to fuel their home, our client was looking for a long term solution.

The Solution

What we did:

We installed a Hargassner wood chip biomass boiler-35kW Classic –Vacuum Suction with thermal store (buffer vessel) that holds 4.5 tonnes of pellets and would provide both central heating and hot water.


Thermal Store and hopper location

Thermal Store and hopper location

Buffer tank

Buffer tank

Hargassner biomass system

Hargassner biomass system

One of the ultimate in biomass systems Hargassner boasts 95 % efficiency. It is also considered low maintenance with automated ignition and automated cleaning and ash collection options.

We also installed Honeywell Evo home controls. These allowed our client to zone different spaces in the home and regulate the temperature much more easily.


A long term purchase, Biomass is eligible for the Government Renewable Heat Incentive. This has allowed our clients to receive annual payments for the next 7 years. Which together with the added efficiency of a new system means that the upfront costs will be covered within the 4 years.
If you would like to understand more about the pricing and potential paybacks for installing Biomass and learn more about any of the systems in this case study give us a call on : 01223 852267 or drop us a line by filling out the contact form below

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Outdoor Solar Lights Upcycled

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Solar Energy Outdoor lighting

Solar outdoor lighting is not new. There is a slew of outdoor solar lighting products – solar landscape lights, solar yard lights, solar lamps, and solar garden lights to add ambiance and highlight to any outside space. So when a Cambridge coffee shop asked us to install solar energy lighting to their outdoor terrace we didn’t realize that we would be handed an old soviet boat light to upcycle!
The Urban Shed café however is not your standard run of the mill eatery. Nearly all of the interiors and fit out has been upcycled. The magic of up-cycling is the ability to make something new and create a new function out of the old.

Solar energy is a renewable source of power that we are now beginning to explore the ways we can upcycle this energy source to energize our homes and businesses in increasingly imaginative ways.

Outdoor solar lighting

Upcycled solar lighting

Outdoor solar lighting

Solar cells and battery for solar lighting

outdoor solar lighting design

Outdoor solar lighting design


outdoor solar lights

outdoor solar lamp


How Does Solar lighting work?

  • Photovoltiac cells – the cells that make solar panels. These cells allow sunlight to be converted into an electrical current
  • Rechargeable batteries- Once the energy is created it needs to be stored. To do this rechargeable batteries are often used. Designed for electricity to only flow into the battery, they will power the light once it becomes dark
  • Circuitry- essentially how the light is wired. The wiring of the light will affect the overall efficiency

Solar powered lighting combines design and practicality and for the Urban Shed we were able to provide bespoke design upcycling. If you are considering outdoor solar lighting, whatever design ideas call us or send us a message – we have the experience and design expertise to make your ideas a reality.

By Leemya McKeown


Biomass Installation Norfolk 1 Year on

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Klover Stove 70% savings and energy security that is future proof

  • Mr Taylor Installed Klover Bi Fire last September (2013) He says ‘has been T-Shirt weather all winter’
  • Saved over two thirds on his energy bills
  • Installation provided the ‘WOW’ factor for his living room impressing his friends
  • With the RHI  Mr Taylor advises others thinking about Biomass: ‘Just Go For It!’

With the Renewable Heat Incentive(RHI) RHI recently launched now is the time to change your heating system to a renewable source.  However Before making the switch it is important to do your research and there is tons of information for you out there.  Where do you start?

As the old proverb goes best place to start is from hearing from someone that has already done what you are thinking of doing. Step forward Mr Taylor an early adopter of Biomass.

Why change to Biomass?

Mr Taylor got a Klover Bi fire installed last September (2013). Concerned with the political uncertainty and over reliance on Russia for oil he wanted to protect himself.

The Bi fire sitting well in Mr Taylor’s inglenook fireplaceMr Taylor Klover Bi Fire

  • Klover Bi fire providing a full hot water and  heating system
  • Wood pellet and log burner can be used together or separately
  • Can programme to come on when needed
  • Stainless steal Italian craftsmanship in a choice of colours
  • Peace of mind and energy security


‘I had recently retired and my income wasn’t what it was.  The thought then of being dependent on others ever increasing oil charges scared me. I spent £3,500 on fuel the previous winter. Alternatives like Gas and Electric would have been expensive too. The natural solution seemed to me to change to renewables’.

How was the Installation like?

“I chose Cernunnos to help me design and install the system.  I was one of the early adopters so it may have taken longer than it would now but it was really good. I had a team : plumber Darren, engineer Nick, and Pete who project managed it all. They are straight forward guys to work with, and have  an eye for detail. The trust was there.

We estimated that I would need 8 tonnes of pellets for the winter. In fact I have only used 3.6 tonnes from Oct- March this year… this is my second top up! It has been T-Shirt country all year! The Klover heats up not only the living-room but the whole of the house.

Moneywise, I feel I am in control having saved over two thirds of my energy bill and then there is the government one off payment for switching to renewables and the regular 7 year subsidy for me to get my hands on too!”

Any Post Installation downsides?

“Not really. It does make a little roar when it is loading up the pellets and you do need to clean it regularly.  It does leave a residue but the waste from Sept to March has been less than a small buckets’ worth! I like looking after it anyway as it is a real statement feature of our home now – we always get compliments. My advice is If you can make the switch…just go for it!”

Interview by Leemya Mckeown

Solar PV in London

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We recently installed a 15.5kWp Solar PV system on a new build block of flats in central London for a property developer. The roof was a flat roof and we used the Tegra Light system. This system has the advantage of having the entire array interconnected meaning that less ballast is required for wind loading. This means that the roof structure has to withstand less weight per panel. The system is also quicker to install, meaning that 15.5kWP was installed within 2 days.

photo-2-small photo-3-small photo-4-small photo-5-small photo-small

Biomass + Hopper in Suffolk Installation Case study

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MCZ Logika with SuperSilo Pellet Store and Vacuum Auger Connection


Our client has a beautiful detached period property in Bury St Edmunds. With a large garden and surrounding land the property and its grounds are idyllic and often used as a holiday let as well as a permanent home.

However behind the beauty has been the ever increasing demand of fuel to run the home. The property had an oil based heating system which is the most expensive way to heat your home.  Furthermore locked into one fuel type our client was dependent upon the big energy companies dictating higher prices as the scarcity of fossil fuels increased. Knowing that they had to make the switch from oil they came to Cernunnos for assistance.

Our client leading a very busy lifestyle was clear that although they were interested in Biomass as an alternative did not have the time to consistently be manually feeding or cleaning the boiler.

The solution

our solution was to install an MCZ Logika biomass boiler (37kW model) and SuperSilo pellet store (4.9 tonnes pellets) providing both central heating and hot water. One of the unique features of this boiler is its ‘low maintenance’. Automatic ignition, automated cleaning and ash collection options means that you can let the boiler get on with producing heat.  Likewise, adjustable heating programmes allow the householder to regulate the temperature of their property easily.

MCZ Logika biomass boiler with SuperSilo pellet store

MCZ Logika biomass boiler with SuperSilo pellet store

Cernunnos’s installation included:

  • MCZ Logika boiler
  • SuperSilo pellet store
  • Vacum orga system for boiler to feed itself
  • Full connections to existing  domestic heating system
  •  5 year full warranty on installation work
  • Full user training

Personalized Service.
“We are proud of the  responsive and personal service we provide.When the customer decided they wanted the boiler outside –we designed and built a custom made boiler and pellet store room.”
Peter Mckeown

Custom built boiler room
Custom built boiler room


While the upfront costs for a biomass such as this can be over fifteen thousand -higher than other options, don’t be fooled into going for the cheap quick win option. With the Government Renewable Heat Incentive(RHI) our client receives annual payments for the next 7 years. This together with added efficiencies of her new system means that her initial upfront cost will be covered within 3 years!