Biomass Installation Norfolk 1 Year on

Klover Stove 70% savings and energy security that is future proof

  • Mr Taylor Installed Klover Bi Fire last September (2013) He says ‘has been T-Shirt weather all winter’
  • Saved over two thirds on his energy bills
  • Installation provided the ‘WOW’ factor for his living room impressing his friends
  • With the RHI  Mr Taylor advises others thinking about Biomass: ‘Just Go For It!’

With the Renewable Heat Incentive(RHI) RHI recently launched now is the time to change your heating system to a renewable source.  However Before making the switch it is important to do your research and there is tons of information for you out there.  Where do you start?

As the old proverb goes best place to start is from hearing from someone that has already done what you are thinking of doing. Step forward Mr Taylor an early adopter of Biomass.

Why change to Biomass?

Mr Taylor got a Klover Bi fire installed last September (2013). Concerned with the political uncertainty and over reliance on Russia for oil he wanted to protect himself.

The Bi fire sitting well in Mr Taylor’s inglenook fireplaceMr Taylor Klover Bi Fire

  • Klover Bi fire providing a full hot water and  heating system
  • Wood pellet and log burner can be used together or separately
  • Can programme to come on when needed
  • Stainless steal Italian craftsmanship in a choice of colours
  • Peace of mind and energy security


‘I had recently retired and my income wasn’t what it was.  The thought then of being dependent on others ever increasing oil charges scared me. I spent £3,500 on fuel the previous winter. Alternatives like Gas and Electric would have been expensive too. The natural solution seemed to me to change to renewables’.

How was the Installation like?

“I chose Cernunnos to help me design and install the system.  I was one of the early adopters so it may have taken longer than it would now but it was really good. I had a team : plumber Darren, engineer Nick, and Pete who project managed it all. They are straight forward guys to work with, and have  an eye for detail. The trust was there.

We estimated that I would need 8 tonnes of pellets for the winter. In fact I have only used 3.6 tonnes from Oct- March this year… this is my second top up! It has been T-Shirt country all year! The Klover heats up not only the living-room but the whole of the house.

Moneywise, I feel I am in control having saved over two thirds of my energy bill and then there is the government one off payment for switching to renewables and the regular 7 year subsidy for me to get my hands on too!”

Any Post Installation downsides?

“Not really. It does make a little roar when it is loading up the pellets and you do need to clean it regularly.  It does leave a residue but the waste from Sept to March has been less than a small buckets’ worth! I like looking after it anyway as it is a real statement feature of our home now – we always get compliments. My advice is If you can make the switch…just go for it!”

Interview by Leemya Mckeown

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