Please feel free to download our Brochures & Presentations. These documents are here to help educate you on the Renewable Technology of your choice. We present bioth technical and financial details, and whilst some details may be beyond the scope of your needs we hope you find everything you are looking for. If you still have questions at the end of this then please feel free to contact us

green-deal Green Deal: If you are not sure what the Green Deal is then this document will explain everything you need to know and show you how it can work for you!!
downloads-solar-pv-overview Solar PV Overview: Learn all there is to know about Solar PV for domestic and commercial systems. We run you through the A to Z of getting a Solar PV system installed from how to differentiate between systems, how to select the right system and how much of an investment return you will achieve to the complete installation process. This link will take you to another internet site to download the brochure as it is a big file!
downloads-introduction Renewable Heating: An Introduction to heating systems: Here we introduce heating systems and how traditional heating systems work. We look at sizing a heating system for your property and how renewable heating systems fit in with more traditional oil and gas based systems.
downloads-solar-thermal Renewable Heating: Solar Thermal: Learn all about Solar Thermal systems and how they can benefit you. We explore the different types of systems and show how much energy they produce and how they integrate with existing systems. We also show the ROI’s achieved for different system sizes.
downloads-gshp Renewable Heating: Ground Source Heat Pumps: Learn all about Ground Source Heat Pump systems. One of the most efficient renewbale heating systems available but also they least understood and most difficult to install. Learn if you are suitable and what requirements are needed for a system to be able to be installed.
downloads-ashp Renewable Heating: Air Source Heat Pumps: Learn all about Air Source Heat Pumps. COMING SOON
downloads-biomass Renewable Heating: Biomass Boilers & Log Burners: Learn all about Biomass Boilers & Log Burners. COMING SOON
downloads-solar-ashp_0 Renewable Heating: Solar Thermal & Heat Pumps – the next generation: Learn how technologies have advanced and integrated to create the latest renewable heating systems that combine Solar Thermal and Heat Pumps to create a more efficient and effective system that works all year round for both Space heating and Domestic Hot Water demands.
downloads-mvhr Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Capture 90% of the heat that is lost through ventilation systems, reducing your energy heating needs.
downloads-rhi Renewable Heat Incentive: Learn about the latest Government incentive scheme for both households and businesses. If you thought the ROI on SOlar PV was generous you are about to be amazed!
downloads-commercial Commercial Heating Systems: Learn how your company can benefit from Renewable Heating and what Cernunnos can do to help you. COMING SOON
downloads-community Community Heating Systems: Learn how your community can benefit from Renewable Heating and what Cernunnos can do to help you. COMING SOON
downloads-swimming-pools Renewable Heating for Swimming Pools: Learn how you can save £1,000’s on energy bills by switching to renewable systems for heating swimming pools – it’s not as expensive as you may think and can be one of the best investments in your portfolio. COMING SOON
downloads-rainwater-harvesting Rainwater Harvesting: Learn about Rainwater harvesting systems and how there is a system that fits all requirements. From simple “garden water tanks” to “commercial” systems that can benefit from ECA’s – we will help you design and install the system that suits your needs.
downloads-car-ports Car Ports: Help encourage people to use electric cars. Perfect for large workplaces where employees can charge their cars whilst at work and the Company can receive the Feed in Tariff!.
downloads-greenhouse Greenhouses: Get a Solar PV Greenhouse for your garden. Good for the environment. Good for your pocket and good for your plants!
downloads-onlineshop Online Shop: Learn about the Cernunnos Energy Efficiency shop. You can get everything you will ever need to become energy efficient from here! You can visit the shop at
downloads-case-study-1-domestic-solar-pv Case Study 1: Domestic Solar PV
downloads-case-study-2-commercial-solar-pv Case Study 2: Commercial Solar PV Terms & Conditions of Supply: Cernunnos Building Services (trading as Cernunnos Homes) complete Terms and Conditions

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