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News and product reviews

Cernunnos are passionate about renewable technology and sustainable building design. We take the time to truly understand what are the best products for self- build, serious DIY and property developers and how to ensure that these products work to their maximum.

With a multi- skilled team of builders, designers, engineers and technicians and academics Cernunnos are able to continually adapt to the changing energy market and is now one of the leading companies in the UK.

We regularly test, review and complete write ups on new and upcoming products and technologies.

We monitor what are the best financial investments when it comes to heating and energy systems and how to get more for your money.

We disseminate and share latest government and international policy on renewable energy systems and what that means for our consumers.

We practically consider different types of buildings and design projects and how to make them be the most energy efficient.

Explore our resources and begin learning, and winning.

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