Solar Energy Outdoor lighting

Solar outdoor lighting is not new. There is a slew of outdoor solar lighting products – solar landscape lights, solar yard lights, solar lamps, and solar garden lights to add ambiance and highlight to any outside space. So when a Cambridge coffee shop asked us to install solar energy lighting to their outdoor terrace we didn’t realize that we would be handed an old soviet boat light to upcycle!
The Urban Shed café however is not your standard run of the mill eatery. Nearly all of the interiors and fit out has been upcycled. The magic of up-cycling is the ability to make something new and create a new function out of the old.

Solar energy is a renewable source of power that we are now beginning to explore the ways we can upcycle this energy source to energize our homes and businesses in increasingly imaginative ways.

Outdoor solar lighting

Upcycled solar lighting

Outdoor solar lighting

Solar cells and battery for solar lighting

outdoor solar lighting design

Outdoor solar lighting design


outdoor solar lights

outdoor solar lamp


How Does Solar lighting work?

  • Photovoltiac cells – the cells that make solar panels. These cells allow sunlight to be converted into an electrical current
  • Rechargeable batteries- Once the energy is created it needs to be stored. To do this rechargeable batteries are often used. Designed for electricity to only flow into the battery, they will power the light once it becomes dark
  • Circuitry- essentially how the light is wired. The wiring of the light will affect the overall efficiency

Solar powered lighting combines design and practicality and for the Urban Shed we were able to provide bespoke design upcycling. If you are considering outdoor solar lighting, whatever design ideas call us or send us a message – we have the experience and design expertise to make your ideas a reality.

By Leemya McKeown


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