Cernunnos is an MCS registered installer of Biomass, Wood Chip and Log Gasification Boilers.

Biomass, Wood Chip and Log Gasification Boilers are fast becoming a prime source of heating for both Domestic and Commercial heating systems. The introduction of the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive has seen installations in properties off the gas grid surge, whilst the Commercial Renewable Heat Incentive has seen its application used for numerous different commercial installations.

These types of Boilers are a rather simple technology than has actually been around since fire was first discovered! All the Boilers do is burn a fuel to generate heat! It is only that this fuel has now become a sustainable fuel is what makes the technology renewable. To learn more about Biomass click here.

Biomass, Wood Chip and Log Gasification Boilers are a very simple and effective replacement for Oil and LPG boilers. Many properties that have Oil and LPG are older properties that are not as well insulated and therefore would not suit a heat pump. Biomass, Wood Chip and Log Gasification Boilers are ideal for older properties as they can provide as much heat as is required.

Biomass Boilers:

Biomass Boilers use wood pellets as the primary source of fuel. The pellets can be manually fed or automatically fed through a vacuum system (called a pellet auger) and stored in a large tank called a Hopper. Cernunnos work with a range of manufacturers of both Boilers and Hoppers to enable us to design a system that suits your requirements. The Boilers themselves can be feature stoves or standard (utility) boilers. To view some of the boilers we supply and install please click on a link below.

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Wood Chip Boilers:

Wood Chip Boilers are exactly what they imply: they burn wood chips as their primary source of fuel. More suited for commercial installations or heat networks (they are not eligible for the Domestic RHI but are eligible for the Commercial RHI) they can be quite large.


Log Gasification Boilers:

Log Gasification Boilers not only extract heat by burning wood, but also extract heat in a second process through mixing carbon monoxide with hydrogen. Again, these are not included under the Domestic RHI but are included under the Commercial RHI.

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Outdoor Boilers/Complete Solutions:

For those looking for boilers located externally or entire plant rooms that encompass a boiler, buffer tank and pellet store then we have the ready-built solution. If that doesn’t suit then we can build a custom built solution!



Selecting your heating system:

By spending the time learning and researching about heating products and how best to install them, we really are the best people to consult with. We are accredited under the MCS scheme for the full range of heating systems from Biomass, Woodburners, Boilers, Heat Pumps and even Gas Boilers. This means that we can offer you technology independent advice. For us it is not about trying to sell you a certain product because we sell and install the full range of the best products out there. Instead it is about ensuring that we deliver the best product that is going to meet your needs.

Getting the best heating product is partly on the choice of product and partly on the expertise in designing the system. Without the design skill and installation, efficiency in renewables can be lost and in some cases can lead to higher bills then conventional products, or complete replacement of heating systems. Cernunnos pride themselves in the superior level of design and workmanship we give to every customer. Indeed we apply our methodology to all our work so we can ensure that as well as renewables standard gas systems designed and installed by us will deliver superior efficiency levels than our competitors.

We also have the knowledge of heating controls and combining multiple heat sources to make sure heating in your home is affordable. Take a look at the menu on the right of heating products that you can consider.

If you need more clarification or more information on any of the heating systems please Contact Us.

Our Installations:

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