Ecocent – an award winning product!

The Ecocent – manufactured by (in my opinion) one of the UK’s finest heat pump manufactures ESP is a fantastic exhaust air source heat pump system that is integrated into its own stylish tank.


Recycle your heat

We all recycle our plastics, cardboard and food waste – yet hardly nay of us bother to recycle the expensive heat we put into our houses. Designed to take warm moist air from bathrooms (which is plentiful when the tank needs to replenish) – which we commonly throw out the nearest wall via our extract fans – this ingenious product recycles the heat (much of it coming off of hot water) to make new hot water at a fraction of the cost of oil and LPG and cheaper than mains gas.

Available in a range of sizes from 100 litres (for small one or two bed appartments) through to the 300 litre unit (for larger family homes) the system has comparible running costs to mains gas and is significantly cheaper to run than other forms of heating, such as LPG or Oil. It consumes electricity to produce heat via its own integrated heat pump, and costs little more than the average mains pressurised hot water tank to buy. One of the main attractions (to us as installers) is in the simplicity of installation when compared to other energy efficient hot water systems such as thermodynamic hot water systems as there is no need for a refrigerant engineer as the system is pre-configured, nor is there an external panel that needs to be sited and connected to the hot water tank.
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The Ecocent can also be integrated into MVHR systems to increase efficiency making it cheaper to run than Gas and giving a Co-efficient of Performance of around 7 to 1!

The Ecocent is an award winning technology, recently picking upĀ  an Environmental Award and Engineering and Energy Excellence Award for an installation within the NHS:


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An installation in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire:

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