Introducing the new Ecocent Energy – the retro-fit version of the Ecocent.


The Ecocent is an Exhaust Air Source Heat Pump and Domestic Hot Water all built in one. The Exhaust Air Source Heat Pump vents from wet rooms (such as bathrooms and kitchens) and uses this warm air to heat the incoming cold water. This intrinsically makes sense: the hot water is being drained from the Domestic Hot Water tank by a bathroom or the kitchen. Due to the hot water being used that rooms needs ventilating to stop damp. The Ecocent, which is providing the hot water then ventilates that room by extracting the warm air and uses this warm air to heat the cold water that is re-filling the tank (which is being drained of hot water)!!!

The problem? You need to replace your hot water tank and have ventilation ducting.

Not any more!

The Ecocent Energy is the retrofit version of the Ecocent!

ecocent-energy-2 ecocent-energy ecocent-energy-air-extract
  • Can be installed with any existing Domestic Hot Water tank (no need for a new tank)
  • Can be located in the loft allowing easy ventilation from upstairs bathrooms
  • Easy installation



The Advantages:

  • The Ecocent energy runs on a 810w (3.8 amps) motor and will provide ALL your Domestic Hot Water needs (up to 3kW of hot water).
  • Will reduce running costs significantly (can have a Co-efficient of Performance of up to 7 to 1!)
  • Ideal for those with Solar PV systems as in the summer the PV system will provide all the electricity required to run the Ecocent Energy

Gas Boilers and other Central Heating systems (such as Oil and even Biomass) are designed for Central Heating. When they are solely used for Domestic Hot Water (such as in the summer months when we have switched the heating off) the boilers are generally only 60% efficient (as they are not designed for Domestic Hot Water heating). This is very in-efficient and costly.

The Ecocent Energy removes this in-efficiency as it runs purely off electricity. And if you have a Solar PV system installed then this electricity is going to be FREE for at least 6 months of the year!

The RRP is £899 for the unit and approximately £450 for installation costs and an additional £650 for sundry materials, allowing a fully installed system to be retailed for just £1,999 (ex VAT which is charged at 5%) or £2098.95 inclusive of VAT.

JANUARY SALE: we have a special offer for those signing up for an installation in January 2015 where a fully installed system will be supplied and installed at a 20% discount – for just £1,679 INCLUSIVE OF VAT.

To take advantage of this offer simply Contact Us with the words Ecocent Energy January.

The Ecocent is an award winning technology, recently picking up  an Environmental Award and Engineering and Energy Excellence Award for an installation within the NHS:


Download the Ecocent brochure here