For a complete overview of Ground Source Heat Pumps please take a look at our guide to geothermal heating systems.

Cernunnos Homes works with all manufacturers of Ground Source Heat Pumps, but we have a few favourites.

Different heating systems work better in different properties. And different customers have different priorities. We also know that certain heat pumps work better under different configurations and heating profiles – and hence we have researched and undertaken a lot of training to be able to offer a range of different geothermal heat pumps.

Kensa are a UK based manufacturer with probably the largest market share in the UK. If buying British counts, as does having fantastic product support then Kensa may be the manufacturer for you. Kensa have also one of the best district heating heat pump solutions (the Shoebox) for communal heating for apartments and small developments. They also have the largest (at 24 kW) heat pump unit available for single phase (domestic) electricity supplies.

We have a great video about a 24 kW water source Kensa ground source heat pump in Cambridgeshire.

Kensa are also one of the only manufacturers that use the slinky heat collector systems. Many claim that slinky systems can cause problems (any ground collector that is badly installed will cause problems) – but slinky’s do have a place in the market – they are particularly good in a square plot of land.

Stiebel Eltron make one of the quietest ground source heat pump units on the market. They also have a fantastic coefficient of performance of up to 4.85. They can combine the various units to come up with the exact solution to meet your needs. With fantastic controls that allow you to see how the system is performing along with the high efficiency make the Stiebel Eltron on of the best premium heat pumps in the UK.

Innasol’s IDM Energie heat pump which is manufactured in Austria has some very clever features that set it apart from the rest of the market. The “Hot Gas Loading” technology which splits the output from the heat pump into a “high temperature” and “lower temperature” flow from the heat pump mean that it is one of the only heat pumps that we specify to work with  thermal store that delivers hot water and heating. It also has fully integrated solar thermal control system – cleverly using the times when the solar capacity in the summer exceeds demand for hot water by reversing the ground array to dump excess heat back into the ground – aiding with the necessary recovery of the ground collection system in the summer.

Heat Pumps come in all types of sizes ranging from 6kW to 46kW.

A small domestic house would need a Heat Pump of between 6kW and 10kW, whilst a larger house would need between 10 and 20kW and commercial applications needing 20-46kW pumps.

A Catalogue of the VAILLANT Ground Source Heat Pump product range can be downloaded from here.

A Catalogue of the WORCESTER BOSCH Ground Source Heat Pump product range can be downloaded from here.

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