As much as energy efficiency is about keeping heat in the house and not wasting energy, and generating renewable energy as a clean and sustainable source of energy, managing how we use energy can be just as important.

Ask yourself the following question: If your electrician gave you one light switch that operated all the lights in your property from this one switch, would you be happy?

Of course not. Why would we have all the lights on in our house at the same time? How many of use go through the house switching unused lights off to save energy and reduce our bills? I certainly know I do (and it is usually a room that my children have recently been in!).

Why do we feel that having complete control of our lights on a room by room basis is essential to saving energy and yet we tend to have one thermostat for an entire house? Aren’t heating bills typically 3 or 4 times that of electricity? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have that level of control over heating?

This is what we at Cernunnos believe. Controlling the heating is essential in energy efficiency/management. It saves energy and money. Here we offer the latest products on the market, offering the most flexibility and control. There is a system that suits everyone’s requirements.

Zoning heating, room by room heating, managing your heating from your iPhone – all our possible in this digital age. We even have the latest products from the US where your heating system will learn from your habits and teach itself to adjust to your needs (the latest from a Company recently bought out by Google for several Billion dollars!).

When we supply a heating system such as a Biomass boiler of Ground/Air Source Heat Pump we also suggest, supply and install heating controls. These can be retro-fitted for older properties and are essential/perfect for new builds and renovations.

Feel free to browse the products on offer and contact us if you need further help or advice.