Heating products

By spending the time learning and researching about heating products and how best to install them, we really are the best people to consult with. We are accredited under the MCS scheme for the full range of heating systems from Biomass, Woodburners, Boilers, to Gas. This means that we can offer you technology independent advice. For us it is not about trying to sell you a certain product because we sell and install the full range of the best products out there.Instead it is about ensuring that we deliver the best product that is going to meet your needs.

Getting the best heating product is partly on the choice of product and partly on the expertise in designing the system. Without the design skill and installation, efficiency in renewables can be lost and in some cases can lead to higher bills then conventional products, or complete replacement of heating systems. Cernunnos pride themselves in the superior level of design and workmanship we give to every customer. Indeed we apply our methodology to all our work so we can ensure that as well as renewables standard gas systems designed and installed by us will deliver superior efficiency levels than our competitors.

We also have the knowledge of heating controls and combining multiple heat sources to make sure heating in your home is affordable. Take a look at the menu on the right of heating products that you can consider.

If you need more clarification or more information on any of the heating systems please Contact Us on the phone number above or 01223 852267 you can also drop us a line with any query or question you may have.