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Klover Smart Wood Pellet Cookers


The Smart cooker are the latest range from the chic Italian company Klover. As a wood pellet boiler these cookers are a form of renewable technology that are environmentally sensitive whilst providing you with all your heating, hot water and of course cooking facilities. With a clear eye for style, Klover have been able to design and craft a superior cooker that is a design feature in its own right and provide quality and finish to an exceptionally high standard.

Klover Smart 120 wood pellet cooker   stove


Epitomizing luxury and finesse, the Smart 120 is a key investment and becomes the central design feature of any kitchen. Capable of delivering 17.5 kW of heat to the central heating system (with 5.2 kW to the room in which it sits), the Smart 120 is the ultimate home appliance. Not only do Klover products provide cooking facilitates (hot plate, oven) but also services you with all your hot water and heating needs. Acting like the traditional Aga oil/gas boiler, you can set Smart cookers to provide you with heat and hot water in the morning and evening, lighting itself off and on to your particular lifestyle requirements. Built to a Superior standard and finished with stainless steal this is an investment piece both in terms of it’s function and beautiful design. The left hand side of the cooker is the hopper which holds 32 kilos of pellets (approx. 150 kWh of heat), the main burner is in the centre of the unit with the oven on the right hand side. The Klover’s advanced combustion system allows the fuel to be burnt at over 90% efficiency which means the fuel burning process is nearly carbon neutral, and clean.

Klover Smart 80 Wood Pellet Cooker stove


The Klover Smart 80 is both a wood pellet boiler and a cooking hot plate.This allows for the dual functionality of providing you with all of your hot water and heating needs as well as providing some of your cooking facilitates (you will still need a separate oven). A compact minimally modern Smart cooker from the Klover range will add the wow factor to any kitchen whilst also being truly environmentally sensitive. .

Klover BiFire Log and Pellet Boilers

Want the convenience of pellets but the free energy that your own (or someone else’s) free source of wood can provide? Looking for a stunning looking all in one biomass system? Look no further than the Klover Bi-Fire boiler.

Klover BiFire boilers are designed with the dual functionality of being an efficient and automated wood pellet boiler on the left and then a boiler stove which burns logs on the right.

This vesatile, well constructed boiler has a pellet burner on the left hand, plus a traditional wood burner on the right side. Capable of delivering up to 28 kW when both burners are in use, however with delivery of 10.5 kW to the central heating system (and 4.5 kW to the room) when using pellets only it is also (with its own modulation settings) capable of working in a well insulated home. The wood burning only function can deliver 8.1 kW to the central heating system (with 5.5 kW to the room). However it is a fairly large unit and so most suited to being installed in large or open plan rooms. We have recently completed an installation within an inglenook fireplace which is an ideal match for the Klover Bi Fire.

Klover BiFire Mid Boiler


The smaller of the two units (physically – heat output is almost identical) – standing 1080mm tall (compared to 1320mm for the BiFire), with a width of 820mm (compared to 900mm) and depth of 600mm it has a slightly smaller output to the room (approximately 20% less) when burning both wood and pellets and a smaller output to the central heating with wood only (pellet burning have a pretty much identical output to the central heating). Available in a range of colours (black, silver as standard – contact us for the full colour chart). Whilst the unit can also have a small 12mm hearth note that it weighs 280 kg. MCS certified. Price £4683 excluding VAT.

Klover BiFire Boiler


The larger of the two BiFire models – at 1320mm tall and 900mm wide, with a depth of 600mm with a larger heat output to the room. However we at Cernunnos will do (free of charge) a full heat loss calculation and can do a 3 dimensional mock up of the room to give you the best advice as to which of the models is best suited to your home. Again available in a range of colours with a top exit flue and MCS certified. Priced at £5100 excluding VAT (with VAT on all biomass boilers at 5% if installed and comissioned by an MCS certified installer).

Klover Star 14 Pellet Boiler Stoves


The Klover Star 14 Smart stove is a pellet boiler that will provide all of the central heating and domestic hot water for an average sized home. With a hopper capable of storing 25kg (approx 120 kWh)  built in, this stove can be programmed to light itself whenever warmth is needed. Burning clean and environmentally friendly pellets at an average efficiency of 92% this is the perfect union of function and renewable technology, whilst also having the beauty of Italian design.With an output of 1.4 kW to the room (with 10.1 kW to the central heating system) the Star 14 is suited to medium sized older properties and for newer better insulated homes (perhaps though in combination with a buffer vessel for the most insulated homes). The Star 14 is available in a wide range of colours and finishes to complement existing interior design styles.

Coming Soon – The Klover Star 18 – larger output to the room (up to 5.2 kW)

Klover Diva Wood Pellet Boiler Stoves


With a larger output to the room in which it lives than the Star 14 the Klover Diva is ideally suited to the small and medium sized older properties. The Diva has an output of 12 kW to the radiators and domestic hot water and 2.8 kW to the room and so is suitable for a medium to large homes, depending on the insulation level. It has its own built in pellet hopper and will simply light itself when heat is needed and turn itself back off when the house meets the required temperature. The Diva is available in a variety of colours and styles and can be connected to an existing chimney or installed with a new flue system.Available in a range of colours

Coming Soon – The Klover Diva Mid and Diva Plus pellet boilers.

Klover Insert Wood Pellet Stoves


Klover insert wood pellet boiler stoves are designed to be installed in a wall or new structure. With the impeccable quality and craftsmanship that Klover are renowned for the Klover insert is truly a design feature in its own right. Giving visible flames this boiler will a provide heating and hot water as well as acting as a focal point for any room.This impeccably designed and efficient unit will fit anywhere to effortlessly give the home its required heating. With a total heat output of 14.7 kW, with 12.6 kW going to the water and 2.2 kW to the room, it has capability to heat up larger homes.The pellet insert stove can be installed anywhere from an existing fireplace to the corner of a room. It is   simply boxed in so that it becomes part of the house and it doesn’t need   maintenance panels or access doors. The pellets are poured into a drawer that slides open at the top of the stove. and when routine maintenance   is needed the whole unit cunningly slides out on rollers so that every part   of it can be accessed.A triple win: a modern and sophisticated way to heat your house, reduce your fuel bills, help the environment and have a living flame to bring a focal feature into your living room.The photograph shows the Klover insert stove fitted with the optional stainless steel frame – priced separately.

Klover Wood Pellet Utility Boilers


Klover wood pellet utility boilers are designed to be installed in a garage or utility room and will provide the heating and hot water for a whole house.

Klover PB35


The Klover Pellet Utility Boiler is a neat and highly efficient boiler that can naturally be placed either in a utility room or garage and service all your heating as well as your hot water needs effectively. A large 75 kilogram hopper (which equates to over 350 kWh of heat) , and an output of just under 35 kW this boiler will adequately heat the larger homes (and of course provide all the domestic hot water). whilst the unit can be optionally configured to provide instant hot water, we generally recommend the use of a domestic hot water tank – or better still a thermal store . The Klover utility boiler’s burning capacity is at a rate of 92% efficiency. Straightforward to install, maintenance is stress free. Besides the occasional refilling of pellets and quick inside clean the boiler would only require a service once a year.

Klover PB24


The smaller of the Klover utility boilers, but still benefiting from a large 60 kg (approx 300kWh) internal hopper is suitable for small and medium sized homes. Capable of achieving 92% efficiency and delivering 100% of your homes heating and hot water needs, with the ability to connect to pressurised or open vented heating systems the Klover PB24 is an excellent choice of boiler where a feature unit is not required.

Klover Dea Wood Pellet stoves


The Dea pellet stove from Klover is a fully automated wood pellet stove can give 7.2 kW to the room. This means that it has the power to heat large size rooms. Although in-itself , the Dea pellet stove is small and compact enough to fit in discretely in the smallest of rooms. Like all the Klover product range the stove is built to a standard of excellence ensuring its reliability as a long term investment.

Simple to programme the Dea will not only heat your room – a modern and convenient way to heat a room with the a natural flame at the touch of a button..