Solar PV for Homeowners is a great investment providing significant returns, reducing your energy bills and helping to save the environment. It is still the favoured renewable technology in the UK.

Despite the lower Feed in Tariffs, the investment returns have never been better as system prices have reduced significantly.

Cernunnos do not employ Sales People, so when you book in a site survey (which is 100% FREE and no obligation) we only send a technician around who will measure your roof and check your electrics. He will also be on hand to answer any technical questions you may have. You will never receive a quote on the day (this will be done via e-mail once the survey details are passed back to the office), and you will NEVER be asked to sign up to anything on the day.

Once your details are passed back to the office we will then ascertain how many panels can fit on your roof (and whether you have special requirements such as in-roof systems, or you need micro-inverters due to shading issues). Based on this we will determine the maximum system size you can have and we will then e-mail over 4 quotations. These quotations will use 4 different panels:

  • The best panel on the market (and most expensive): Panasonic
  • Two mid range panels (usually German, Canadian or Japanese manufactured panels)
  • The cheap and cheerful solution (usually a Chinese panel)!

The idea is that we want to show you the entire price range that you are facing. Each quote will show you expected annual generation and investment returns and will give you all the details you require. To view a sample quote please click here.

To see our latest indicative prices please click here.

Cernunnos is not tied to any single panel or inverter manufacturer and therefore can and will quote on any panel you wish. We source the best products and are continuously changing our product offering to reflect improvements in technology, availability and price (for a list of panels we deal with please click here). We work with all types of PV panels and inverters, and can offer more than just a basic system:

We also offer bespoke systems including:

  • In roof systems
  • Solar Roof Tiles
  • Solar Greenhouses
  • Solar Car Ports
  • Ground Mounted systems
  • Flat roof systems
  • Built in Photovoltaics
  • Solar Garden Lights

In addition to this, Cernunnos thinks about protecting your system (and saving you potential future costs). For roof mounted systems we are aware that pigeons can be a problem and have a solution. For Ground Mounted systems we have heard that Theft can be a problem and have solutions for this also.

Finally, Cernunnos is a long established Company that will be there to help when needed. We get a lot of enquiries about system repairs for systems that were not installed by Cernunnos and the actual installation Company has gone out of business. Thankfully our business model ensures that we are here for the long run and you can rest assured that if you ever have a problem with your system we are only at the end of a phone line and ready and willing to help. We are also an associate of SOLAR CENTURY – one of the largest PV companies in the UK.

If you would like to speak to a technician about your potential system then please contact us using the form below.

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