• Higher efficiency levels than traditional PV panels on a W/m2 basis
  • Lower cost on a £/W basis.
  • Easy and quick to install, requiring less roof fixings.
  • Lighter than traditional panels with less railing required meaning they offer less roof load restrictions.
  • Requires more space than traditional systems, making them ideal for industrial scale installations (50kWp requires approx. 700sq meters versus 350sq meters for traditional panels).

Schott Thin Film panels have: Permanently stable energy yields: achieving over 90% efficiency levels over 26 years in field tests. Increased efficiency levels of 20%+ even in adverse weather conditions. High output performance. 30 years performance guarantee and 10 years product warranty.

Thin Film Panel Traditional Panel
thinfilm2 thinfilm3

You can download a brochure of the products from here.