Domestic Hot Water Products

Continued advances in renewable technologies means that there are more and more ways of heating water. We can now provide solar hot water sytems with immersion controlers to make the the best out of solar PV. We can design and install hot water syetms that combine multiple fuel sources like Solar Thermal and wood burners with back up from gas or electric systems.

Heating water is also about heat recycling. Exhaust air source heat pumps such as the Ecocent are an excellent way of heating hot water and making the most of the energy created.

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a stately home we can provide you with a hot water system that will meet not only your lifestyle but also your pocket. On the right hand column are some of the latest and best domestic hot water systems on the market at the moment.

If you need more clarification or more information on any of the heating systems please Contact Us on the phone number above or 01223 852267 you can also drop us a line with any query or question you may have.