The installation process will vary depending on the project size. However, for simple Solar PV, Solar Thermal or Air Source Heat Pumps, the process is simple, unobtrusive and quick. Once you have chosen the system that you want it will often only take 2 days to install, with one day allowance for outside work (installing the solar panels on the roof), and one day for the internal electronics.

You can rest assured that Cernunnos Homes will be professional, timely and tidy – making the installation process as effortless as possible for you. You will also have the Cernunnos Homes installation warranty to give you peace of mind that it will be done to the highest standard, leaving your property exactly as we found it.

We believe that the installation is not the end of our relationship with you – but the begining. We will be with you for the duration of your project, offering maintenance and emergency call out services. We will monitor the performance of your systems to ensure you get the best out of them, and make sure they work year after year. Protecting your investment and protecting our clients.

Solar PV installation process: often completed in just one day…