Trying to be energy efficient is  often about changing your  way of life. However, some of the basic measures are some of the easiest to implement and can be very effective in both saving energy and reducing electricity and heating bills. Here we quickly run through what you can do to ensure your home is as energy efficient as it can be:

Insulate your loft and walls: Loft insulation could save up to £200 per annum on your heating bills, whilst cavity insulation could save another £100 per year. These measures are relatively cheap and can cost a mere £600 for both to be implemented.

Install Double Glazing windows: whilst this can be expensive, there are cheaper ways to implement this such as by installing secondary glazing, which works well for old “character” homes.

Use draft insulating blinds: these can help further insulate your windows and external doors, and are significantly cheaper than buying new, energy efficient, windows.

Insulate your hot water tank: Keeping the hot water hot can be as easy as insulating the tank and is remarkably efficient.

Insulate (“lag”) your water pipes: This can keep energy/heat from escaping whilst hot water is being transferred around your house.

Cernunnos Homes can help with all these measures, and more. We can insulate your house to the highest standard as measured by the Sustainable Building Code, and indeed, many of these measures are required to be done before you can apply for the RHI. We will assist you in completing these and qualifying for the RHI. If you would like more information then please contact us.

fit1 Once you have completed the Basic Energy Saving Measures, why not see what you can do to further save energy and make money:

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