Heat Networks, also known as District Heating, have been highlighted as an area the Government would like to see develop and as such have committed a specific department within DECC to help with these schemes attaching funding of £9m for local authorities and councils to develop such schemes.

What are Heat Networks?

Essentially they are a shared heat generation source between several different end users. For example it may be a block of flats sharing a Biomass Boiler or CHP unit, or offices sharing similar heat sources.

What are the Technologies involved?

It is all heating technologies that provide a heat source for multiple users. This could include GSHP, ASHP, Solar Thermal, Biomass or CHP. However, most Heating Networks, due to their larger size, tend to be Biomass or CHP as the economics favour these systems at these levels of heat demand.

Are they complicated?

Not at all! Surprisingly simple in fact. The technology used to be unreliable but the last 20 years has seen an increase in performance, efficiency and reliability.

Am I suitable?

If you own a block of flats, offices, school, leisure centre or any other building where there are multiple requirements for heat then you are suitable and not only able to apply for funding but also for the Commercial RHI (even blocks of flats!).

One famous example of a Heat Network installation is the Shard in London – Europes second tallest building!

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