Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR)

A Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery system is arguably won of the best ways to provide ventilation throughout a house, and whilst doing so is able to capture the hot air leaving the house and use it to heat the colder air being fed into the house. We sell the full range of Mechanical Ventilation and Heat recovery (MVHR) products please click here.

We also offer a complete home energy and Heating management Package. This is where we can install MVHR, your hot water all of your electrics, underfloor heating and integrate them using inbuilt management systems allowing you to control your house according to your own service requirements and functionality. We can guarantee that we choose the correct renewable technologies designed for your needs that will save you money. We pride ourselves on our strong customer care and have the technical expertise to deal with the most complex of self build and commercial projects

The following information provides more details on MVHR in particular. If you want to find out more about the MVHR sell, our Mechanical Engineering Package or anything else here Give us a call on 01223 852267, drop us a line via our Ask the Experts tab or contact us.

The process is as follows: Heat rises and as it reaches the ceiling, it will rise through an air vent placed in the ceiling. This air vent then leads, via ducting, to a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger uses this warm air to heat the cooler air which it extracts from outside as part of the ventilation process.

Because the system requires ducting and good levels of insulation, it is only viable for new builds and full retro-fits. However, they are very efficient and can capture up to 90% of the outgoing heat. Using a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system also gets rid of the need for other forms of ventilation such as trickle vents in double glazing and extractor fans in bathrooms.

  • Capture 90% of ventilation heat loss
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy installation

Kit Prices: Exclude Installation costs:

Kitchen & 2 wet rooms: £1,750 +VAT

Kitchen & 3 wet rooms: £2,250 +VAT

Kitchen & 5 wet rooms: £3,000 +VAT

Kitchen & 7 wet rooms: £3,500 +VAT


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