Solar Photo-voltaic panels generate electricity from the Sun. Whether you are a homeowner or a business, Solar Panels can help you save money, save the environment and produce significant investment returns. A proven technology in the UK climate – Solar PV really  is the answer for a secure future. Systems can cost as little as £4,000 fully installed and payback periods can be as low as 5 years. The UK Governments Feed in Tariff scheme is inflation linked and guaranteed for 20 years, whilst your panels will generate free electricity for 30 years!

More than just a Solar company

With products such as the Immersun (which diverts electricity produced by your PV system to your immersion heater to heat Domestic Hot Water) and Solar Batteries, there are now new ways to make the most of the Electricity you generate. Cernunnos offers a wide range of Solar PV technologies that can help you make the most out of your system.

More than just Panels

Solar PV systems don’t have to be panels on top of your roof. You can have in-roof systems that blend in with your roof tiles, Solar Greenhouses or Solar Car Ports and Pergolas. Cernunnos can design and install any system that suits your needs.

Cernunnos designs and installs Solar PV systems for all types of clients: from homeowners to businesses and property developers. We work with all makes of PV panels and inverters, and know the good from the bad. Our expertise ensures that we only source the best panels offering the choice and advice you need to make the right decision for you. Our technical installation method means we are then able to uniquely position panels to promote the best use of space and efficiency whilst keeping an eye on your kerb appeal. We are so confident of the methods we use, we offer a 10 year workmanship guarantee on all our installations.

We also offer strong customer care, making sure operations and maintenance is guaranteed with a free monthly monitoring service. Likewise, our 24 hour customer care line means we are right there with our clients whenever and however they need us most.  . Why not see what our clients have to say about us here or for more information please Contact Us.