Solar Energy is still by far the biggest choice in renewable energy right now. We therefore thought it deserved a further page. Listed below are some quick links to practical information you may need to help you make the commitment to a renewable energy future. As well as this, there is as a simple, 3 step guide to ensuring that your journey with us is ideal.

Choosing Your Solar PV System

Choosing your system:

There are hundreds of different solar PV panels on the market. You need to make sure you select the right panel and system suitable for your property. Cernunnos Homes can help you do this. We are independant from manufacturers and thereby select the right system for you…read more

Installing Your Solar PV System

Installing your system:

The Installation process could not be easier. In a matter of two days we will have your system fully running with no disruption to yourself. Our qualified and professional team of installers will make sure you are completely satisified with the quality of work…read more

Collecting Your FiT Payments

Collecting Your Payments:

Following installation, we will make sure your system is registered with your energy supplier. The payment system could not be more simple and will require no additional work by you…read more