Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating can be used alongside nearly all types of floor covering including carpet, lino, hardwood, laminate and stone. We sell and install the full range of available underfloor heating and can link it to all forms of central heating systems. A unique offer that we sell is a complete home energy heating management package. This is where we can supply and install your underfloor heating, hot water and fit all your electrics and integrate them using inbuilt management systems. These home or office management systems then allow you to control the building according to the particular services and functionality you require. We can guarantee that we choose the correct renewable technologies designed for your needs that will save you money. We pride ourselves on our strong customer care and have the technical expertise to deal with the most complex of self build and commercial projects
The following information provides more details on underfloor heating in particular. If you want to find out more about the underfloor heating we sell, our complete home energy and heating package or anything else here Give us a call on 01223 852267, drop us a line via our Ask the Experts tab or contact us.

There are 2 different types of Underfloor heating systems:

  • Wet based Underfloor heating

A Wet based underfloor heating system uses warm water passed through a pipe network under the floor to heat the room. This can be used in conjunction with a traditional heating system and the Underfloor Heating Manifold allows you to control different zones, where each zone can be heated to a different temperature.



  • Electric Underfloor heating

A lot easier to install than wet based systems, especially for existing rooms, electric underfloor heating systems uses a heating cable on a mat that is laid on the existing floor. This cable heats up when electricity is passed through it. This system, whilst easier to install, does cost more to run than wet based systems due to the higher cost of electricity compared to other fuel forms (gas/oil), but is ideal if installed with Solar PV systems:


An Electric Underfloor Heating Mat

At Cernunnos we work in close partnership with the Floor Heating Warehouse whom provide the products we install. We will match any of their prices on supply of products.

The pipes come with a 50 year warranty and can be installed on numerous different floor types:

We can install UFH on a screed system on spreader plates and all our quotations come with full CAD drawings.

Our installations can be combined with renewable systems or fitted into traditional heating systems. All our plumbers are fully qualified and experienced in the installation and commissioning of UFH systems.


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