Waste Water Heat Recovery Systems

Waste Water Heat Recovery Systems (WWHRS) captures the heat from used hot water and reuses it to pre-heat the incoming water supply. The systems can capture up to 50% of the heat lost through waste water providing economy savings and a significant reduction in heating bills. WWHRS can be easily installed to new builds and retro-fit properties and can be installed as either a standalone technology or be integrated as part of a whole house system. We sell WWHRS that can be attach to showers and also whole house system. We offer a complete home energy and Heating management Package. This is where we can install mechanical-ventilation-heat-recovery MVHR, your hot water all of your electrics,underfloor heating and integrate them using inbuilt management systems allowing you to control your house according to your own service requirements and functionality. We can guarantee that we choose the correct renewable technologies designed for your needs that will save you money. We pride ourselves on our strong customer care and have the technical expertise to deal with the most complex of self build andcommercial projects

The following information provides more details on Waste Water Heat Recovery Systems (WWHRS) in particular. If you want to find out more about the WWHRS sell, our energy and heating Package or anything else here Give us a call on 01223 852267, drop us a line via our Ask the Experts tab or contact us.


The WWHRS system itself is made out of copper piping, a good heat transfer unit:


The waste water passes through the inner pipe whilst the clean cold water passes through the outer pipe. This transfers heat from the waste water to the incoming cold water supply, where it is then passed to the boiler for further heating. The cold water is typically heated by at least 10 degrees Celsius and thus reduces the amount of energy required to heat the water by the boiler. The pipe measures 2m in length and can be easily installed on new and existing systems.