Renewable energy for farmers and agriculture

More and more farmers and landowners are adopting renewable energy systems as means of differentiating their business. We know that the farming community is under pressure from their client base to become more ‘green’. By installing renewable energy systems farmers and landowners can visually demonstrate their contribution to reducing their carbon footprint and being green, which in turn ensures that their end clients (the likes of Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s, Morrison’s for example) can also be seen to be ‘green’.

Add to this, you can earn 12-15 % inflation linked returns from installing Solar PV, and the returns from the RHI, renewable energy systems becomes a significant business linked income stream in its own right.

At Cernunnos we are experienced in designing and installing all types of Renewable systems for all types of building structures. We promise no pushy sales people – we don’t employ sales people, only technicians,. The person you speak to from the very beginning is the person who will manage your installation – from initial design to the final system registration process. All our employees, from architect & structural engineer to installation team, are in-house employees who only work for Cernunnos.

We provide the complete renewable package, offering:

  • Architectural Drawings
  • Full Structural Engineers report for roof load and wind load calculations
  • Detailed railing plans showing fixings to the buildings structure
  • Planning Application completed and submitted
  • Grid Connection application made to the local DNO (G59 form)
  • Supply and fit of Solar PV system, including all associated costs
  • System registration under the Feed in Tariff scheme and RHI registration with Offgem
  • 10 year workmanship guarantee
  • System monitoring and optional annual maintenance check

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Our products:

Traditional Solar PV Systems:

We use the highest quality PV panels from a German Manufacturer with a 30 year warranty. Our close direct relationship with the manufacturer means we can ensure the best prices for our clients. We do not use middle men and we pass the savings directly onto our customers.

Additionally, we use a railing system that is not only stronger than most other railing systems (40mm x 40mm rather than the usual 40mm x 20mm), but this railing system is also produced by the panel manufacturer – specifically for the panels used. This gives an added warranty to the system, and allows us to purchase the railing system directly from the manufacturer also.

Thin Film Technology:

The Latest PV technology is Thin Film panels which are cheaper; more efficient and easier to install:

  • Higher efficiency levels than traditional PV panels on a W/m2 basis
  • Lower cost on a £/W basis.
  • Easy and quick to install, requiring less roof fixings.
  • Lighter than traditional panels with less railing required meaning they offer less roof load restrictions.
  • Requires more space than traditional systems, making them ideal for industrial scale installations (50kWp requires approx. 700sq meters versus 350sq meters for traditional panels).

These panels can produce up to 25% more energy per Watt Peak than traditional panels – and they are cheaper For more information click here or Contact Us.