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For Businesses throughout the country a large part of their fixed and ever increasing cost is their energy consumption. Likewise, the ever increasing expectations on the commercial sector to meet climate change targets are big threats to a business’s success.  By adopting renewable energy, you can reduce your carbon footprint, reduce your energy demands and generate your own energy for on-site use. No matter what your business does, we can get you a system that can help beat these threats and increase your profit margins.

We will not only help you select the right system for your business needs, but we will also help you select the right system from a financial and economic viewpoint (the word “Cernunnos” is a Celtic God that symbolises nature and commerce and for us this is what we do for our clients – help you make money by being good to the environment).

Our vast array of products and expert knowledge in the renewable energy sector will help you get the best out of your assets whilst ensuring building and environmental compliance. We see beyond the here and now and help you adapt to the ever changing business and regulatory environments. We do this by offering the complete customised service.

We can:

Undertake feasibility reports, project assessment reports and devise project plans

Complete Planning Applications, Tenders

Secure grant and government funding streams

Undertake Procurement and Installation

Provide maintenance and servicing contracts.

Our technical advisors will offer free impartial advice on whatever project, question or clarification you may need.  Either call us on: 01223 852267 or fill out a contact from below

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