Renewable energy for Housing Associations, Charities and Social Enterprises

Cernunnos Homes have a long history of working with housing associations, charities and social enterprises.

We understand it is NOT just about installing Solar PV onto properties to earn a profit. It is about installing renewable technologies to eliminate fuel poverty; support housing associations to support their residents use energy better and promote a better financial future for all.

From Solar PV to renewable heating – we can help you find the right technologies for your tenants and residents. We can design solutions that maximizes both the investment return and the benefit for your communities.

We offer;

Feasibility reports specifically focused on third sector needs

Excellent customer service promoting tenant liaison and energy awareness

Assistance in accessing funding mechanisms, tendering/grant applications

FIT and RHI applications

Complete turn-key procurement and installation packages

One Advisor – One Installer – One Partner:

Cernunnos  aims to work with the third sector for the long term. We aren’t just here to consult. We aren’t just here to install. We want to build a partnership. We will be with you from the first step and beyond. We believe that by developing a relationship built for the long term, you can rest assured that we can be held accountable for our advice, service and workmanship. By building a partnership we will get to know your association, charity or enterprise and what you and your tenants/members need and find the right solutions.


Co-integration of systems

Using energy saving technologies in conjunction with renewable energy generating technologies intrinsically makes sense. Why install Solar PV panels on your property only to waste all the electricity that is generated? Why install Solar thermal systems to heat a home and then leave the windows open letting out air ? That is why Co-integration of energy measures is essential. At Cernunnos Homes we will work with you developing a co-integration project plan guiding you through the process every step of the way. We work with all types of energy saving devices from smart meters to co-efficient radiators and lighting controls. You really will be surprised by how much difference the smallest of measures can make…

Co-generation of technologies

Thinking holistically and planning ahead can save a fortune and make a significant difference to people’s quality of life. Many in the renewable energy industry do not realize the potential gains that can be utilized by mixing the technologies available For instance, installing Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery systems with Ground/Air Source Heat Pumps; using Solar PV to run an electric heating system; or rain water harvesting with grey water systems. Many are easy to install on retro-fit properties and a small bit of forward thinking during the planning stages can save you; your tenant; and the environment.

Some Examples:

A Domestic House on Oil:Utilize the Energie Solar Thermal system for heating, with the maximum amount of insulation possible. Solar PV can be used to supply the electricity needed by the Energie Solar Thermal system and thermostat and electronic controls can be used to know when the best time is to top up the water tank heating requirements – i.e. during sunny hours when the Solar PV systems are generating the most electricity.

A Domestic House on Gas: Insulation and other heat saving measures. Solar PV for electricity needs with smart meters to inform the tenant about how much energy they are using and what they are using it on. You can also look at thermal systems for domestic hot water.

A Block of Flats:Communal Solar PV systems and solar thermal systems (possibly using the Energie Solar System). Eco- efficient radiators for flats communal areas.

No matter what stage you are in adopting renewable energy we can assist you. Contact us either by phone on 01223 852267 or drop us a line on the form below.

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